Maipo Valley


The Maipo valley is surrounded by the Andes on the east, and the Cordillera de la Costa on the west, with a natural gradient of 1000 meters over sea level on the east, and 500 meters above sea level on the west. This unique topography allows the vineyards to grow on a gentle slope. Its Mediterranean climate is stable, with four marked seasons and low probability of rain during harvest season, which creates the ideal conditions for winemaking, and the production of some of the best wines of the country, especially the Cabernet Sauvignon. The average annual temperature is 14 º C, with the rainy season spanning between April and September.  The area in which our grapes are grown has a thermal oscillation of up to 20º C; its soil is alluvial, with excellent draining and root aeration, some rocks, and low natural fertility; this allows for adequate control of the annual yields, between 6 -10 ton / ha, which gives the fruit better concentration.